Fair Gaming Policy

KKCacheta app is intended for amusement purpose only. KKCacheta does not offer “real money gaming” or any chance to win real money or prizes. This Fair Gaming Policy shall be read and construed in conjunction with KKCacheta Terms of Service. In the event of conflict between the Terms of Service and this Fair Gaming Policy, this Fair Gaming Policy shall prevail. KKCacheta is committed to provide a safe, level playing field for all players. Subject to KKCacheta’s sole discretion, users may be penalized if any of the following behavior of is detected by KKCacheta: a. Using third-party software, scripts, or bots, to access or play in the KKCacheta app in any way; b. Using simulation software while playing in the KKCacheta app to gain an unfair advantage against other players; c. Purchasing Gold Coins from unknown resources; d. Exchanging Gold Coins to others for value without KKCacheta’s explicit consent; e. Using hateful, obscene, offensive, profane, racist, sexual, defamatory, or violent language and/or pictures in the KKCacheta app, including your profile picture; f. Utilizing more than one (1) account to play in the KKCacheta app to farm Gold Coins and/or to exploit the inter-account transfer privilege; or g. Cheating, including but not limited to collusion, chip dumping. KKCacheta will take in account all relevant information and the exact circumstances of the specific violation, and penalties may include one or more of the followings (including but not limited to): a. Official warnings; b. Temporary or permanent closure of user account(s); c. Seizure of some or all the Gold Coins in user account(s). Please contact KKCacheta at help@kkcacheta.com to report any suspicious game play.